Preparing for your Procedure

After Booking Your Procedure:

  • Hairlines: For male buzz cut procedures, review hairline shapes here
  • Hair Coloring (for density procedures): If you regularly color your hair, please do so prior to your appointment.
  • Hair Systems: If you wear any type of hair system, remove it 10 days prior or as soon as possible to allow your scalp to breathe, which will improve pigment acceptance.
  • Rogaine: Discontinue use for 7 days or as soon as possible prior to your procedure. 
  • Sun Exposure: Limit your time in the sun; do not get a sunburn.
  • Moisturize: Keep your scalp moisturized.
  • Review: If you haven’t already, please review our FAQ section to obtain additional information.

24 Hours Before:

  • Avoid Blood Thinners: Although bleeding is uncommon, avoid alcohol consumption, aspirin, and ibuprofen, as these substances thin the blood and may increase the risk of pigment rejection.
  • Sleep & Hydration: Be sure to get a good night’s sleep, and stay well hydrated.
  • Exfoliate: We recommend exfoliating the scalp the day before your procedure to remove dead skin cells, which will help with pigment retention.
  • Hair Length:
    • Density Procedures: Keep your hair at the length you typically wear it.
    • Buzz Cut Procedures: The evening before your procedure, you may buzz your hair down using a clipper without a guard. Do not blade shave or use a rotary-type shaver on your scalp, as we’ll need to see where the existing hair is for blending. If you’re unsure about clipping your hair, please wait until you arrive for your appointment. We’ll discuss your options and assist you in clipping it down.

Day of Your Procedure

  • Wash: Arrive with your hair and scalp thoroughly washed and free of topical products.
  • Snacks & Beverages: We stock a variety of complimentary snacks and beverages in our office. You are also welcome to bring your own food or beverages. For your convenience, we have a refrigerator and microwave in our office.
  • Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing to make your procedure more relaxing. Clothing that is easily washable is also recommended in case pigment gets on your clothing.
  • Arrive:
    • Free parking: This is located both at the lobby level and in the lower parking garage beneath the building. Take the elevator to the second floor. We’re located in suit #205, the second to the last door on the right.
    • Arrival time: Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time unless you have coordinated with your artist. We do not have a receptionist, and your artist may be sterilizing the procedure room or may have stepped out for a few minutes. 
    • Sundays: Occasionally, we book procedures on Sundays, when the lobby doors will be locked. When you park, please text (the same line that you get your appointment confirmations) that you’ve arrived. Your artist will then come down to meet you.
    • Companion: If you want to bring someone with you to your appointment, please limit your party to 1 other person.


  • Remember that your scalp will be sensitive for a few days after the procedure. Although scalp micropigmentation is noninvasive, there are still some aftercare measures you need to take. Please download our aftercare instructions here: